Networking Basics - How RIP Works

network plus May 12, 2021


In this week’s video, you’ll learn about RIP, the Routing Information Protocol, a topic on CompTIA’s Network+ (N10-007) exam. Specifically, you’ll see three different versions of RIP and understand how it uses Split Horizon, along with Poison Reverse, to prevent routing table corruption.


Enjoy the training!

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CCNA (200-301) Topic: TFTP Configuration and Backups

ccna May 07, 2021

Just like any important device on the network, we need to backup our switches and routers periodically as well. If we have a catastrophic failure with a device, we don’t want to cost ourselves hours or days recreating the configuration. 


In this week’s video, we show you a quick and easy way to achieve this by using Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP). 


Enjoy the training!

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Spanning Tree Protocol DEEP DIVE

ccna ccnp encor Apr 29, 2021

This week's training video is a replay from yesterday's live STP Deep Dive webinar. In this training, we cover every Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) topic on the CCNA (200-301) and CCNP ENCOR (350-401) exam blueprints.


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ENARSI (300-410) Topic 1.11 - BGP Multihop

ccnp enarsi Apr 23, 2021


This week’s training video takes a look at a section on the ENARSI (300-410) exam blueprint about troubleshooting BGP relationships.


Specifically, we cover the BGP multihop feature.


Happy training!

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ENCOR (350-401) Topic 6.6: Embedded Event Manager (EEM)

encor Apr 14, 2021

Cisco’s Embedded Event Manager (EEM), a topic on the CCNP Enterprise ENCOR (350-401) exam, is a feature that can watch a router for a specific event and, if that event occurs, can trigger an action or set of actions. 


In our latest YouTube video, we cover the theory of EEM and then watch a configuration demo to aid in your studies for the ENCOR (350-401) Exam.


Happy training!


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CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure - Host VM

ccie Apr 09, 2021

You may have heard that Cisco has recently provided a new resource for CCIE studies: The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure, Host VM. This custom Linux distribution allows us to experience the actual desktop environment used to perform tasks during the lab exam. 

In our latest YouTube video, we take a look at this new resource and how it can be used to help prepare you for your certification exam. 


Take good care,


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Cisco Live 2021 Recap

cisco live kw train Apr 02, 2021

This year’s Cisco Live was virtual, given the current circumstances our world is in with the pandemic. Even though we couldn’t all travel and meet in person, Charles and I still enjoyed participating this year and wanted to share some of our highlights over the past couple of days. 



If you don't share a selfie, did you really attend CiscoLive?



One presentation I attended on the first day of Cisco Live was Chuck Robbins’ Keynote. During his presentation, he made some wonderful points, and identified 6 Strategic Objectives:

  1. Secure, Agile Networks
  2. Optimized Application Experiences
  3. Future of Work
  4. Internet for the Future
  5. Capabilities at the Edge
  6. End-to-End Security


Chuck also shared a powerful question to reflect on during his presentation: “What kind of future do you want to see?” 


The following day, I attended a great “A License to Design” session covering CCDE. Here were the big takeaways...

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Networking Basics - MAC Addresses

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2021

In this video, you’ll learn about Media Access Control (MAC) addresses. You’ll see the pieces and parts that make up the structure of a MAC address, in addition to a couple of examples of MAC addresses in action. 

Happy training! 

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Influencing BGP Path Selection

ccie ccnp Mar 26, 2021

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is an item on the ENCOR, ENARSI and CCIE exam blueprints, making it a vital topic to our networking studies.
In our latest training video, Charles covers a few of the ways that we can influence BGP path selection. 
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Networking Basics - OSPF Theory

ccie r/s ccna r/s ccnp r/s Mar 18, 2021


In my latest training video, I cover the theory of Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) routing protocol.


OSPF is the most popular interior gateway protocol used today. In this video, you’ll understand:

  • How link state databases are constructed with information from link state advertisements (LSAs)
  • The difference between an OSPF Neighbor and an OSPF Adjacency
  • OSPF areas
  • How OSPF performs its cost calculations


Enjoy the training!

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