ENARSI (300-410) Topic: BGP Summarization

enarsi Jun 18, 2021


A fairly in-depth knowledge of BGP is required for ENARSI, so this video takes a look at how we can summarize (or aggregate) our advertised BGP networks. Summarization allow us to cut down the size of our BGP table by using a summary address to represent a range of networks with a single prefix. Enjoy the training!

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ENARSI (300-410) Topic: EIGRP Named Mode

enarsi May 21, 2021

In this video, we look at a topic found at the CCNP level, primarily in the ENARSI (300-410) exam: EIGRP named mode. If we’re going to be able to effectively troubleshoot EIGRP, we need to understand some of the subtleties involved with that, and also how redistribution into EIGRP named mode works. 


Happy training!

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ENARSI (300-410) Topic 1.11 - BGP Multihop

ccnp enarsi Apr 23, 2021


This week’s training video takes a look at a section on the ENARSI (300-410) exam blueprint about troubleshooting BGP relationships.


Specifically, we cover the BGP multihop feature.


Happy training!

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