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Meet Kevin.

Kevin Wallace - CCIEx2 #7945 (R/S & Collaboration)

Kevin a Cisco Certified Systems Instructor (CCSI No. 20061) with two CCIEs (#7945), one in Route/Switch and one in Collaboration.

He also holds multiple Cisco professional and associate-level certifications in the Route/Switch, Collaboration, Security, Design, and Data Center tracks.


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What our customers say:

"Kevin has a easy natural delivery and he doesn't use the pompous tone some instructors use. His delivery is smooth and well thought out. He's simply one of the best Cisco Learning instructors out there."

– David C.

"Kevin Wallace is definitely one of that rare breed of authors who has the unique ability to impart substantial technical information in a really accessible manner." 

- James B.

"Everything I have used from Kevin has been excellent. I found this to be very helpful and motivating as I continue my Cisco certification journey."

- Nathan R.

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