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Thanks for reaching out and for thinking of us to help with your training.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer alternative payment options or extend any discounts beyond those we've announced.

Please understand that Kevin does his best to help the networking community by offering hundreds of free training videos on our YouTube channel and he conducts multiple live training events for free (e.g., multi-hour Deep Dive sessions, and he even did a free live CCNA course).

The situation we find ourselves in, however, is we receive a huge number of requests from our followers around the world asking for free courses, additional discounts, or a different payment schedule. In order to sustain our mission, we have to remain profitable. Therefore, while we want to continue being as generous as we can be to this community, we must decline all requests asking for alternative payment schedules, more free content, or deeper discounts.

I hope that perspective helps, and we wish you all the best in your studies,

The KWTrain Customer Support Team

Thanks so much for considering us to help mentor you in your studies and career. With our content creation schedule, we limited to only a few students we can work with one-on-one.

Our one-on-one mentorship program is called the “KWTrain Mastermind.” Unfortunately, it is currently at capacity for the remainder of this year.

We do hope you understand and wish you all the best in your studies.

The KWTrain Customer Support Team

We do have the new CLCORv1.1 course on our build plan. However, with all the other announcements and updates Cisco recently made, we don’t yet have an estimated completion date.

All the best in your studies,

The KWTrain Customer Support Team

So sorry you're having that issue.

We've seen this a few times (especially with the Redistribution lab), and we've made several changes and exported it using multiple versions of CML. However, while it imports fine for our 2.1 version of CML, it fails for some students.

The only work around that we know of is to open up the .yaml file in a text editor. From there, you can see the base configuration of each device. So, we recommend you use that .yaml file as a guide to build the base topology in your version of CML.

Sorry there isn't a cleaner solution for this, but we hope you enjoy the remainder of the course.

All the best,

The KWTrain Customer Support Team

What you’re encountering is one of the frustrating things about using a simulator like Cisco Packet Tracer (as opposed to an emulator).

As Cisco releases new versions, commands that worked in a previous version may not work in a new version.

For issues such as this, we suggest a couple of things:

First, we suggest watching the video that accompanies the lab. The commands shown in the video should work on real gear.

Second, you can ask questions about specific Cisco Packet Tracer configuration issues in the Cisco Community discussion groups:

That’s the best resource we’ve found for ongoing Cisco Packet Tracer assistance.

I hope that helps and wish you all the best in your studies,

The KWTrain Customer Support Team

We hope you’re enjoying your ENCOR studies! Here are the instructions to access the .virl files that will be used to import the lab topologies into CML:

  1. In your Library, open up the “CCNP ENCOR (350-401) Labs” product.
  2. From there, click on “VIRL Topologies.”
  3. Then, click on the lab you wish to do, keeping in mind you might have to arrow through the five screens to find the lab you’re looking for. As an example, you could click on “OSPFv2.”
  4. Next, under the “Downloads” section, click on the .zip file.
  5. After downloading the .zip file, expand it to access the .virl file.
  6. You’ll then click the “Import Lab” button in the upper right corner of your CML screen to import the .virl file you just extracted.

We hope that helps and wish you the best in your studies,

The KWTrain Customer Support Team

To help illustrate how to download the flash cards for the various modules in your CCNA course, consider Module 1.

You can download a .zip file containing the Module 1 flash cards in the “1.6.0 Module 1 Flash Cards” lesson. Once you go into that lesson, the .zip file is available under the Downloads area.

Also, here are a couple of links to get the Anki app and to get your account setup:

Anki download and homepage:

Anki account creation and mobile access:

I hope that helps and wish you all the best in your studies,

The KWTrain Customer Support Team

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