CCNA (200-301) Topic: TFTP Configuration and Backups

ccna May 07, 2021

Just like any important device on the network, we need to backup our switches and routers periodically as well. If we have a catastrophic failure with a device, we don’t want to cost ourselves hours or days recreating the configuration. 


In this week’s video, we show you a quick and easy way to achieve this by using Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP). 


Enjoy the training!

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Spanning Tree Protocol DEEP DIVE

ccna ccnp encor Apr 29, 2021

This week's training video is a replay from yesterday's live STP Deep Dive webinar. In this training, we cover every Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) topic on the CCNA (200-301) and CCNP ENCOR (350-401) exam blueprints.


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CCNA (200-301) Topic 6.6: Puppet, Chef, and Ansible


This video is a sample from our CCNA (200-301) Video Training Series, and it gives us a high-level overview of three configuration management utilities: Puppet, Chef, and Ansible. These are new network programmability topics added to this version of Cisco’s CCNA exam.


It’s interesting that the verb used by the exam blueprint isn’t configure, troubleshoot, or explain, it’s to “recognize the capabilities of” these tools. So there’s no need to have programming knowledge of these tools for the CCNA exam.


Enjoy the training!

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MASSIVE Certification News about Cisco Live

announcements ccie ccna ccnp Jun 10, 2019

Cisco just announced their certification program is getting a MAJOR update. Here’s what you need to know:

CCNA Updates

  • A new CCNA exam will be released on February 24, 2020.
  • This new CCNA certification will REPLACE the following certs:
    • CCNA Cloud
    • CCNA Collaboration
    • CCNA Cyber Ops
    • CCNA Data Center
    • CCDA
    • CCNA Industrial
    • CCNA Routing and Switching
    • CCNA Security
    • CCNA Service Provider
    • CCNA Wireless 
  • If you complete any current CCNA/CCDA certification before Feb. 24, 2020, you’ll get the new CCNA certification, and a “training badge,” representing the technology area in which you received your CCNA/CCDA.
  • More information here:

CCNP Updates

  • The new CCNP certs are:
    • CCNP Enterprise
    • CCNP Data Center
    • CCNP Security
    • CCNP Service Provider
    • CCNP Collaboration
    • CCNP Certified DevNet Professional
  • Each of the new CCNP certs require only two exams: (1) A Core Exam (2) A Concentration Exam of Your Choice
  • You’ll receive credit based on any current...
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