CCNA (200-301) Topic 6.6: Puppet, Chef, and Ansible


This video is a sample from our CCNA (200-301) Video Training Series, and it gives us a high-level overview of three configuration management utilities: Puppet, Chef, and Ansible. These are new network programmability topics added to this version of Cisco’s CCNA exam.


It’s interesting that the verb used by the exam blueprint isn’t configure, troubleshoot, or explain, it’s to “recognize the capabilities of” these tools. So there’s no need to have programming knowledge of these tools for the CCNA exam.


Enjoy the training!

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Cisco's New DevNet Certifications

One of the big announcements this week at Cisco Live was the launch of their new DevNet certification track. Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins reiterated the fact that knowledgeable engineers are always going to be in-demand. Contrary to what many believe, network automation and A.I. integration is not designed as a replacement for those skills, but rather these advancements allow the ability to manage numerous network devices and their services through software. For large scale networks, usage of API’s for automation is the way of the future.

The launch of this new certification track is aimed at joining the skills of software developers with network professionals, with the goal of accelerating the progress of network automation in organizations throughout the world.

Here's a breakdown of the current DevNet certification offerings:

DevNet Associate

This entry-level certification is accessible to those who are...

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