Interview with Anthony Sequeira

In this post, I'm excited to share with you my latest podcast episode, where I'm interviewing my good friend and world-renowned Cisco trainer Anthony Sequeira.

In this episode, Anthony discusses:

  • Tips for the Troubleshooting Section of the CCIE R/S Lab
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Anthony's New CCIE R&S Prep Club
  • What Anthony has Learned from Tony Robbins
  • What Anthony is Working on Now
  • And More...


Also, you can check out some of Anthony's resources below:

Finally, if you're not yet subscribed to my podcast, The Broadcast Storm, you can listen on iTunes or Spotify:

Happy listening!

Kevin Wallace, CCIEx2 (R/S and Collaboration) #7945

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Sneak Peek Of My Cisco Live 2018 (Orlando) Session (BRKCCIE-3001)

Uncategorized Mar 13, 2018

I’m thrilled to announce this will be my second year speaking at Cisco Live US (CLUS), and it would be great if you could join me for my session. Last year, it was awesome getting to meet so many of my readers and viewers in person, before and after the session, and if you’re attending CLUS in June 2018, I’d love to meet you too.

Also, I'm stoked about the session topic, which is my favorite topic out of all the Cisco technologies I teach, Quality of Service (QoS). Specifically, the session title is Quality of Service (QoS) for CCIE Collaboration Candidates, and the Session ID is BRKCCIE-3001. However, if you’re not a CCIE Collaboration candidate, please don’t be thrown by the title. I’ll begin by covering the basics of QoS and then dive deeper. So, even if you have only a casual interest in QoS, this session will have some great content for you too.

Interestingly, I did have to make a major pivot in my presentation. When first...

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Your Passwords Are Lame

cybersecurity Feb 20, 2018

A national survey from Common Sense Media found that adults spend over nine hours each day in front of various screens – including computers, tablets, phones and televisions. I will confess that the first thing I do upon waking is grab my phone and check message notifications, news feeds, and the occasional startled cat video from Reddit. It seems that online is the new default setting for the world.

During a recent holiday break from school, my kids spent a lot of time blissfully adding to this staggering statistic with a mixture of Spotify, Netflix, Xbox Live and various MMOs. All was right with the world until an unexpected power outage in the neighborhood brought things to a screeching halt. I’m not sure I have ever seen such looks of dismay-edging-toward-terror on their young faces. They have always existed during a time in which being unplugged from the web is an unimaginable state.

Security Concerns

With our ever-increasing screen time and desire for...

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Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things

ccna cyber ops Feb 06, 2018

The Internet of Things

While shopping for an outdoor barbecue grill this past summer, the reality of the ever-increasing Internet of Things (IoT) really hit home with me. If you aren’t familiar with this terminology, IoT simply means the connection of devices to the Internet. The IoT is growing at an exponential rate, as we try to shoehorn Wi-Fi connectivity into every device that has an on/off switch. Nothing is sacred – refrigerators, light sockets, and yes, even propane gas grills.

More Devices = Larger Attack Surface

One important repercussion of this growth is the increased need for cybersecurity professionals. As more and more of our everyday devices are interconnected, our private information is available through a growing number of nodes, therefore increasing the risk of exposure. One report states that attacks on IoT devices increased by 280% in the first part of 2017. With constant threats of information breaches looming, businesses are estimated to...

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Major CCIE Collaboration Update from Cisco

ccie collaboration Jan 30, 2018

Cisco recently introduced major updates for their CCIE Collaboration written and lab exams, jumping from version 1.0 of these exams directly to version 2.0. If you want all the details, you can visit Cisco's official page HERE. However, if you want a quick overview, this blog post will identify the major updates and discuss the new exam structure.

Will You Be Impacted?

First, let’s see if these changes are going to impact you. If you’re currently preparing for your CCIE Collaboration written or lab exam, the topics you need to know for that exam are still version 1.0 topics, until July 23, 2018. On that day, Cisco flips the switch, and both the written and lab exams cover version 2.0 topics. As a result, if you already have a few months of study under your belt, you might want to accelerate your study efforts to clear the lab prior to the cutover date.

What Are The Eight Topic Domains You Must Master?

In version 1 of the CCIE Collaboration curriculum, the...

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Welcome Kevin Wallace Training's First New Hire!

general info Jan 23, 2018

A little over three years ago, I left my full-time job with a Cisco Learning Partner (CLP) to venture out on my own and start Kevin Wallace Training, LLC. Since that time, the Cisco learning community has been unbelievably supportive, consuming my video courses, books, podcasts, YouTube videos, and blog posts.

Then, I was faced with a problem… a very good problem. The number of clients I serve grew to a point where I couldn’t continue growing the company, while still giving my clients an awesome experience. To overcome those growing pains, I recently hired my first full-time employee, who is not only doing a fantastic job helping out with client support, he’s a technical instructor you’ll be hearing a lot from this year.

So, in this blog post, you’ll get to know him a bit. His name is Charles Judd.

I’ve know Charles for several years and have been super impressed with his plethora of talents. Here are just a few high points:

  • He has a...
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Configuring QoS with Cisco's Intent-Based Networking

career success ccna r/s Jan 09, 2018

Over the past few months, you might have noticed Cisco’s publicity push regarding intent-based networking. The first time I saw this new brand messaging was at the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, when I arrived for Cisco Live 2017. Walking up and down the Vegas strip, there it was again, larger than life on the Cosmopolitan Hotel's sign.

Then, once attending Cisco Live, I repeatedly heard the message and the promise of intent-based networking. That’s the focus of this blog post: what is intent-based networking, and how can it make your life easier. Even though intent-based networking can ease the configuration of multiple features, to provide a tangible example, this blog post focuses on how it can be used for quality of service (QoS) configuration.

At a high level, intent-based networking is the idea that you can easily communicate to your network the behavior you wish to be carried out in the network, without the need to know the underlying command line...

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Save Time in Your CCIE Lab with "Router Preconfigs"

On any CCIE lab, time is your most precious commodity. Opinions vary about the best time saving strategies. Some people would have you spend the first 30 minutes of your lab carefully reading through the lab tasks you’ve been given. However, I’m in the group of people that suggests doing a much quicker read-through, noting important features that are going to need configuring, with the belief that you’ll not remember enough detail to justify spending half an hour reading the tasks.

For years, I’ve been promoting my modified device-based approach for tackling the CCIE Collaboration lab, where I have you make a set of boxes on your scratch paper, one box for each device in your topology. Then, as you do your initial read-through, you put task numbers in boxes representing the device on which the task needs to be configured. Then, you can visit each device a minimal amount of times to meet all your lab requirements. If you want to watch a video I did...

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Fundamentals of QoS


Last week (on Cyber Monday), I did a webinar covering the theory and configuration of multiple QoS mechanisms. Here's what you'll learn in this replay of that webinar:

  • Learn QoS Mechanisms
  • Understand QoS Markings
  • Demystify Weighted RED
  • Select Appropriate Queuing
  • Explain the "Token Bucket"
  • Configure QoS Using MQC

Enjoy the webinar replay!

Kevin Wallace, CCIEx2 (R/S and Collaboration) #7945

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5 SDN Concepts You've Gotta Know

ccie r/s ccna r/s ccnp r/s Nov 28, 2017

I recently did a Facebook Live session covering 5 major Software Defined Networking (SDN) concepts. If you missed the live session, or just want to watch a replay, check out this video.

We cover:

  1. Intro to SDN
  2. Python Installation
  3. Basic Python Programming
  4. Configuring a Router with Python
  5. APIC-EM Applications

BONUS: I'm offering viewers of this video $50 off my Fundamentals of Network Programmability video training series. That means, you only pay $147, as compared to the regular price of $197. To get your $50 discount, click HERE.


Kevin Wallace, CCIEx2 (R/S and Collaboration) #7945

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