Enhanced Locations in CUCM

This video shows you how the Enhanced Locations feature of CUCM operates, and is one of the many bonus videos included as part of the upcoming CCIE Collaboration Lab Walkthrough video series from Kevin Wallace Training.

The video series walks you through a complete CCIE Collaboration mock lab, just as you would attack it on your lab day. The video series also contains several bonus videos (like this one), and a 300+ page PDF document that walks you step-by-step through the entire mock lab.

You can check out more information about the CCIE Collaboration Lab Walkthrough video series HERE.

Kevin Wallace, CCIEx2 (Collab. & R/S) #7945

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Lessons I Learned from Disney – Part 5: Dreams Come True

career success Sep 29, 2015

When you see an advertisement for Disney Parks, and they show their tag line, The Place Where Dreams Come True, you might conjure up images of children meeting their favorite pirate or princess (by the way, my favorite is Belle). In fact, the title of this blog post, Dreams Come True, might sound a bit trite at this point. However, I invite you to explore with me how we can truly make our dreams come true. That dream might be earning your CCNA R/S certification, or perhaps your CCIE in Collaboration. Maybe it’s getting that dream job, or starting your own IT consulting business. Well, princesses and pirates aside, I’ve learned much about realizing my dreams from Disney.

Walt’s Dream

In a previous blog posting in the “Lessons I’ve Learned from Disney” series, we learned about how Walt Disney overcame the adversity of losing Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and came up with the idea for Mickey Mouse. But let’s fast...

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Your Route to Cisco Career Success – Part 1 Goals: Your Destination Address

career success Aug 25, 2015

About three years ago, I wrote a little e-book entitled Your Route to Cisco Career Success. Although it’s available in Kindle format from Amazon, you can download a free PDF of the bookHERE. Since the feedback from this book has been so positive, I thought it would be a good idea to share the main lessons from the book in a series of blog posts, along with some updated content.

In this blog post, let’s consider the first lesson the book teaches. It’s all about goal setting.


Goals, Your Destination Address

If you get into your car and drive for a couple of hours, making the occasional turn, and taking the occasional detour, you will end up somewhere. However, the destination at which you find yourself might not be where you want to be.

What if, instead, you predetermined your destination, planned your route, and maybe even entered your desired destination into your car’s navigation system? At the end of two hours, you would either have already...

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CCIE Collaboration Lab Lessons – Part 3: Your Framework of Success

ccie collaboration Aug 23, 2015

The thought of attaining a CCIE in Collaboration might seem like a daunting task. After passing the CCIE Voice Lab (the predecessor to the CCIE Collaboration Lab), I remember making the statement that it was the hardest thing I had done in my professional career.

If you’re on the journey to your CCIE Collaboration certification, I want you to know two facts:

  1. It’s crazy hard.
  2. It’s possible.

This posting is the third in my CCIE Collaboration Lab Lessons series. If you missed the first two, you can get them here:

To be successful in your lab, you need to be both strategic and tactical. While the first two lessons I shared with you were very tactical, this one is strategic.

The CCIE Collaboration Lab Success Framework

To make your CCIE Collaboration Lab studies more manageable,...

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Introduction to Storage Area Network (SAN) Technologies

network plus Aug 20, 2015

Storage Area Networks (SANs) allow devices (e.g. PCs or servers) to store and retrieve data from hard drives that are attached somewhere on a network, as opposed to being directly attached to the device itself.

This video introduces you to the exciting world of SAN technologies.


This video is a sample from my newly released CompTIA Network+ (N10-006) Complete Video Course, available HERE.

Also, be sure to check out my other Complete Video Courses:

CCNA Complete Video Course

CCNP R/S 2.0 Complete Video Course Library

ROUTE (300-101) Complete Video Course

SWITCH (300-115) Complete Video Course

TSHOOT (300-135) Complete Video Course

Enjoy your studies!

Kevin Wallace, CCIEx2 (R/S and Collaboration) #7945, CCSI 20061

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CCIE Collaboration Lab Lessons – Part 2: Saving Time with the Modified Device-Based Approach

ccie collaboration Aug 11, 2015

Afew weeks ago, I made a blog post for those of you working towards your CCIE Collaboration certification. It covered how to configure a Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (CUCME) router to register a SIP-speaking Cisco 9971 IP Phone. If you missed it, you can read it HERE.

This installment in my CCIE Collaboration Lab Lessons series is more strategic than technical. Specifically, it’s a strategy for how to approach your lab tasks. I’d heard a variation on this strategy a couple of times from different instructors as I was going through my studies. It was called the Device-Based Approach, and I’ve have modified it just a bit. That is what I want to share with you – the Modified Device-Based Approach.

First, let’s discuss what the Device-Based Approach says about tackling our tasks on lab day. If you go into the lab , open up your lab book, and say, “There’s task 1.1 – I’ll do that first. Then I am...

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CCIE Collaboration Lab Lessons – Part 1: Registering a Cisco 9971 IP Phone with CUCME

ccie collaboration Jul 26, 2015

For years, my main Cisco focus was voice. I taught the the CCNA Voice and CCNP Voice courses for over a decade and earned my Voice CCIE in 2012, and then migrated that to a Collaboration CCIE in 2014. However, since then I’ve mainly been focused on creating video courses and books for routing and switching technologies, and I’ve been aching to get back into the voice (now “collaboration”) world.

So, I’m thrilled to announce that I’m starting to develop some Collaboration training products, beginning with a Collaboration CCIE video course. It’s in production now, and will be coming out this Fall (2015). Along the way, I’m coming across some tricky or challenging topics that can bog down your study for days. This blog posting covers one such topic, and I’ll sprinkle in other Collaboration CCIE topics among my other blog postings over the next few months.

Specifically, there’s a new IP phone to contend with on the CCIE...

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3 Lessons I’ve Learned from John Chambers

career success Jul 15, 2015

John Chambers has been the CEO of Cisco since January of 1995, but on July 26, 2015 he is stepping down and going into semi-retirement. Replacing him at the helm of Cisco is Chuck Robbins.

To honor John for his leadership of Cisco, in this blog posting I want to point out three specific life lessons I’ve learned from him.

Lesson #1: Have An Overcoming Attitude

Several years ago while attending Cisco Networkers (the predecessor to Cisco Live), I was sitting in the audience waiting for John Chambers to deliver the keynote address. Interestingly, prior to the presentation, he was walking around talking with various audience members. After the keynote, I had a few moments to chat with him. At that time, I did a lot of public speaking; specifically, I led lots of live classes for a Cisco Learning Partner. So, getting some insight into his public speaking skills would be super valuable. I asked him about his preparation for the keynote. I was surprised that he was walking around,...

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Three Memorable Quotes from Cisco Live 2015

career success Jun 24, 2015

Just a few days ago, I returned from Cisco Live 2015, which was held in San Diego, California. As always, is was an educational, exhausting, and exciting week.

Enjoying Cisco Live 2015 With My Wife, Vivian
While learning lots of cool technical stuff, there were a few statements in various presentations that really resonated with me. Personally, I like to collect insightful and inspirational quotes and thought you might enjoy these three:

(1) The moment it’s not hard to do, others do. -John Chambers

One of the big buzz words (or acronyms) at Cisco Live this year was ACI, which refers to Cisco Application-Centric Infrastructure. ACI is a technology that can use Software Defined Networking (SDN) to dramatically reduce IT administration tasks and speed up large deployments (e.g. in data centers). The concern expressed by some CCIEs was that since ACI could do many of the jobs they regularly do, their value might be reduced.

During a Q&A period at the CCIE NetVet...

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Wireless Access Point Install

network plus Jun 16, 2015

Did you know you can make a wireless router act as a wireless access point to extend the range of your network?

This video shows you how.

This video is a sample from my new CompTIA Network+ (N10-006) Complete Video Course, and it’s available for preorder HERE.

Also, be sure to check out my other Complete Video Courses:

CCNA Complete Video Course

CCNP R/S 2.0 Complete Video Course Library

ROUTE (300-101) Complete Video Course

SWITCH (300-115) Complete Video Course

TSHOOT (300-135) Complete Video Course

Enjoy your studies!

Kevin Wallace, CCIEx2 (R/S and Collaboration) #7945, CCSI 20061

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