OSPF Crash Course

Whether you're preparing for your CCNA R/S exam, studying for your CCNP R/S cert, or even your CCIE R/S lab, you need to know OSPF. Even if you're not seeking an industry certification, OSPF is critical for network engineers to know, due to its widespread deployment in today's corporate networks.

This OSPF Crash Course was recorded during a live on-line course with hundreds in attendance, which gives the course a live event feel. Specifically, this course covers 8 major topics:

  • Module 1: OSPF Theory and Terminology
  • Module 2: OSPFv2 Configuration
  • Module 3: Link State Advertisements (LSAs)
  • Module 4: The Dijkstra Algorithm
  • Module 5: OSPF Summarization
  • Module 6: Route Filtering
  • Module 7: OSPFv3
  • Module 8: OSPF Troubleshooting

All videos are downloadable.

Also, to "get your hands dirty," this course comes with a downloadable PDF containing IPv4 and IPv6 topologies, base configurations, and step-by-step lab exercises. You can adapt the provided configs to your physical gear, router simulator (e.g. Cisco Packet Tracer), or router emulator (e.g. Cisco VIRL) to help reinforce what you learn in the course.


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