Get Hands-On Experience for Your CCNA Security Studies

These Packet Tracer labs are specifically geared toward CCNA Security topics, and let you get hands-on experience without having to purchase your own equipment.

You get an introductory video showing you how to download and install Cisco Packet Tracer for free. Then, you get a series of 20 labs. Each lab contains:

  • A video that begins by explaining the lab objective and tasks
  • A downloadable .PKT file (which you load into your copy of Cisco Packet Tracer) that gives you the basic topology and configuration for the lab
  • A video that concludes by walking you through a solution of the lab tasks

In addition to this, we've included a special bonus section dedicated to ASDM configuration. These videos allow you to become familiar with the graphical interface knowledge required for the CCNA Security exam, without the hassle of setting up and configuring your own physical hardware.

Also, all videos are downloadable!

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