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Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins calls the network engineer of the future a hybrid engineer. That's a network engineer who not only knows how to configure a network from a router or switch command line, they can also write programs to automate network configuration.

So, as a Thank You for your purchase, here's a one-time offer that will get you in the network programmability game. It's a one-time offer to get my Fundamentals of Network Programmability video course for $98.50. That's a 50% savings off the regular price of $197.

In this course, you'll learn how to program in Python and how to write programs that send instructions to Cisco's APIC and APIC-EM controllers. You'll also write programs that communicate directly with network devices, and LOTS more.

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Cert Summit Rewind

Video recordings from our 3-day live Cert Summit event. Learn tons of content from Cisco’s New CCNA (200-301), ENCOR (350-401), and ENARSI (300-410) exams, including a section on creating your own custom career strategy.

Day 1 - Session 1:

  • The Inside Scoop on the ENCOR (350-401) Exam (with Anthony Sequeira)
  • ENCOR TOPIC: BGP (with Anthony Sequeira)
  • ENCOR TOPIC: RESTCONF (with Kevin Wallace)
  • ENCOR TOPIC: LISP (with Kevin Wallace)

Day 1 - Session 2:

  • CCNA TOPIC: Access Control Lists (with Kevin Wallace)
  • CCNA TOPIC: Quality of Service (with Kevin Wallace)

Day 2 - Session 3:

  • ENARSI TOPIC: Route Redistribution (with Kevin Wallace)
  • ENARSI TOPIC: Policy Based Routing (with Kevin Wallace)

Day 2 - Session 4:

  • ENCOR TOPIC: SD-WAN (with Charles Judd)
  • ENCOR TOPIC: SD-Access (with Charles Judd)
  • ENCOR TOPIC: VXLAN (with Kevin Wallace)

Day 3 - Session 5:

  • CAREER STRATEGIES: Career Goal Setting (with Kevin Wallace)
  • CAREER STRATEGIES: Landing Your Dream Job (with Kevin Wallace)
  • CAREER STRATEGIES: Starting Your Own IT Consulting Company (with Kevin Wallace)
  • CAREER STRATEGIES: Time Management (with Kevin Wallace)

Day 3 - Session 6:

  • CCNA TOPIC: NAT (with Kevin Wallace)
  • CCNA TOPIC: NTP (with Kevin Wallace)
  • CCNA TOPIC: DHCP (with Kevin Wallace)