The CLCOR (350-801) Video Training Series prepares you for the CLCOR exam by covering every topic on the 350-801 Exam Blueprint. You'll learn the theory and configuration of multiple Cisco Unified Communications technologies through discussions of theory and multiple demonstrations on live gear.

Specifically, throughout the course, you'll see Kevin build a Cisco Unified Communications network from scratch, adding one device and service at a time.

Here's what you get in this CLCOR Video Training Series:

  • Over 13 hours of instruction covering the CLCOR (350-801) exam blueprint
  • Double CCIE instructor
  • Quizzes at the end of each section to test your retention
  • 103 individual videos, all downloadable for offline use

The CLCOR exam serves as the Core exam for the CCNP Collaboration Certification in addition to acting as the Written Exam for the CCIE Collaboration Lab.

The course is taught by double CCIE Kevin Wallace, and you're also presented with options for getting hands-on experience with Cisco collaboration gear.


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